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Pioneer in Cold Process handmade soap, we make soap using natural Vegetable oil and Butters like Shea, Mango and Coco suitable for all skin type and age.

  • NavLi Soaps are 100% Natural Handmade Cold Processed Soap which gives nourishments to your skin. 

  • It is not a simple commodity, it's more of Aroma and Harmony of life.

  • It is free from Synthetic Colorants, Chemical Preservatives and Chemical Fragrances.

  • It is formulated for you using real Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils and Butters.

  • It is 100% Bio-Degradable.

  • It retains the natural glycerin normally not in industrial products which acts as a skin protector.

  • We provide different flavours as per the need of customers who has different comfort level.

We are joining Hands with other Handmade, eco-friendly,  Bio-Degradable product manufacturers to bring their products to limelight.

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Pondicherry, India

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