This is one of the long forgotten recipes of Tamil Cuisine and it is an integral part of Pathiya Saapadu for women post delivery. This Angaya Podi can be consumed not only by newly delivered moms but also by anyone in the family. A very healthy, medicinal and must to have recipe in every household. 

Coming from Grandma's kitchen, Angaya Podi is a nutritious powder helps in the digestion and curing any of the stomach issues such as fatigue, stomach upset, aches and pains and indigestion, a coolant and is used in treating mouth ulcers and gastritis.

It can be used by anyone who is looking for a cure from cold and cough.


How to use this ?
1. Mix one teaspoon of Angaya powder with hot rice and a spoon of ghee or gingelly oil to consume it.

2. This Angaya Podi can also be served along with Curd Rice or even for Tiffin varieties like Dosa, Uttapam etc....


Weight : 100gms.

Angaya Podi

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